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Elke and Ken have been growing
plants since the late 1970’s.With youthful
passion they developed Rainforest Gardens, a retail/mail
order perennial nursery. With the arrival of children their goals and aspirations grew into The Perennial Gardens, a leader in plant introduction and cultivation.  In the 2000’s their passion blossomed into Red Barn Plants  & Produce growers of interesting vegetables, herbs, edible annuals and of course intriguing perennials

In 2009 they bought their Cawston field farm and Erik, their son,  came on as manager and partner in their continuing adventure. Erik now refers to them as mud farmers and himself as a dust farmer.  A reference to the two very different climates at our two farms.

They currently sell their produce at farmer’s markets across Greater Vancouver. Their plants are available at leading garden centres as well. They enjoy what they do and always have enjoyed talking about farming, growing and the like.