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The Vinegar Works was crafted by Kim Stansfield and John Gordon passion for 12 years. Their adventure in farming began in the late 1990’s when they moved to Summerland, B.C..  Beginning with a small market garden on their 10 acre farm, they invested a lot of  labour and love to transform the farm into one of the beautiful sights to see and visit when in Summerland.

Kim and John took the dream of creating old world wine vinegar on their amazing farm  to the award winning reality we see today. Through these years they have perfected the crafting of The Vinegar Works wine vinegar and now have passed it on to Erik Knechtel, a young farmer in Cawston BC.

With a farm in Cawston and another in Maple Ridge, Erik, Sonya, Elke  and Ken Knechtel now step in to continue the vision for The Vinegar Works. Made with the same attention to detail and under the guidance of Kim and John the Vinegar Works wine vinegars are continuing to amaze and delight

Our farms are called Red Barn Produce. As a small specialty, family operated farm we strive to grow good plants, good produce, a healthy family and environment. Our two farm locations allow us to grow a wonderful selection of plants, tasty fruits and amazing vegetables. With the addition of The Vinegar Works we are excited and pleased to enhance our farms’ offerings.

Vinegar enhances the flavour of food


Much like laughter adds the joy to life.