Balsamico Rosso

200 ml          $20.00

Our Balsamico is made by blending reduced grape juice from our freshly harvested grapes, with our own red wine vinegars then aged. The result is at once sweet, acidic and delicious! It is pure of nature  no salt, sugar or molasses added. Light in colour it is great to marinate vegetables without discolouring them.

White Wine Vinegar

200 ml          $14.00

Our premiere product, crafted from Gewürztraminer grapes and the basis for all the infused
vinegars that we make. On its
own it is a lovely way to enhance foods with just a few drops making the difference

between ordinary and fantastic!

Cherry Infused Vinegar   

200 ml          $14.00

Cawston is Cherry country. Our Cherry infused Gerztraminer wine vinegar has captured the essence of fresh Cawston Cherries. Ice cream, salads or soda. Your choice.

Italian Plum Infused Vinegar

200 ml          $14.00

On our webcam you can see our Italian Plum trees, their on the far right. When we sell

them at the farmers market customers loved them. Infused in our vinegar and wow

you have an amazing flavour. Response from customers has been enthusiastic!

Raspberry Infused Vinegar

200 ml          $14.00

We grow  rich, plump raspberries which, infused in our Gewürztraminer wine vinegar, results in a fabulous addition to your next spinach salad or club soda!

Rosemary Infused Vinegar

200 ml          $14.00
When we infused Rosemary into our Gewürztraminer wine vinegar the results are

amazing. Great flavour and aroma. The Rosemary oils bond with the vinegar creating a deep rich flavour. Careful  use lightly. A top choice,

All of our Vinegars start off as Certified Organic grapes grown in Cawston, then pressed and crafted into our wonderful vinegars at our farm in Cawston. We now offer delivery to your home or even better would be to see you at the farm.

If you  are unable to make it to the shop consider our Mail Order Vinegar delivery. We use Canada Post so you can send them to yourself or as a gift to that special person.

Red Wine Vinegar

200 ml          $14.00

An earthy, rich blend of Piont Meunier, Piont Noir and Chambourcin.  In Europe Pinot Meunier grapes make one of the wines used to blend Champagne.

We believe that this breeding shines through wonderfully in this red wine vinegar. A

must to have in every cook’s cupboard!Perfect with bold flavours in Caesar and Greek salads!

Apricot Infused Vinegar
200 ml          $14.00

We take our Farm fresh, choicest Apricots and infuse them into our white vinegar creating a delicate, exceptional Vinegar. A true wonder as the apricot flavour is complimented by a walnut after glow. Yummy.

French Tarragon Infused Vinegar

200 ml          $14.00

We grow a large assortment of herbs. French Tarragon is very popular. We introduced

our Tarragon infused vinegar in 2009 and it instantly became a must have. From

sauces to Tarragon chicken recipes to salads, this is a very useful ingredient!

Mail Order Vinegar delivery

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