Welcome to The Vinegar Works.

Vinegar is a flavour enhancer that has been used for hundreds of years to add acidity to cooking, waking up the diner’s palate so that the food flavours can be better appreciated.

To make vinegar—you need alcohol.
Our grapes are certified organic, we make wine, then transform that wine into a wonderful selection of wine vinegars.

Use them in salads, when cooking meats, soups, sauces and literally hundreds of other ways around your kitchen.

Our products are delicious and beautiful. If you or someone you know loves good food, they are certain to please.  Try them!


Over the past 12 years Kim and John of Valentine Farm (www.valentinefarm.com) have taken the dream of creating old world wine vinegar on their amazing farm in Summerland B.C. to the award winning reality we see today. Through these years they have perfected the crafting of The Vinegar Works wine vinegar. They now are going to take time to embrace their accomplishments and enjoy time with friends, family and food.


With a farm in Cawston and another in Maple Ridge, Erik, Sonya, Elke  and Ken Knechtel now step in to continue the vision for The Vinegar Works. Made with the same attention to detail and under the guidance of Kim and John the Vinegar Works wine vinegars are going to continue to amaze and please you

This past April The Vinegar Works moved over the hill to Cawston. With the move came all the inquiries and visits to pick up vinegars. So the project this winter is to set up a nice vinegar shop and also offer our heirloom veggies plus our fruit.


The Works will be open for the May wine festival weekend. Watch it grow on FaceBook and Twitter.




The Works!
                  in Cawston