Welcome to The Vinegar Works.

Vinegar is a flavour enhancer that has been used for hundreds of years to add acidity to cooking, waking up the diner’s palate so that the food flavours can be better appreciated.

To make vinegar—you need alcohol.
Our grapes are certified organic, we make wine, then transform that wine into a wonderful selection of wine vinegars.

Use them in salads, when cooking meats, soups, sauces and literally hundreds of other ways around your kitchen.

Our products are delicious and beautiful. If you or someone you know loves good food, they are certain to please.  Try them!


Open Wednesday to Sunday & Holidays

Wednesday to Sundays and Holidays we are open 10 am to 5 pm on my farm @ 669 Kurtz Rd in Cawston.  The Vinegar Works quietly moved to Cawston last year and now we are set up to welcome our neighbours, local community and tourists to this wonderful flavour enhancer, Wine Vinegars!


Our vinegars are made from local certified organic grapes infused with our farm grown fruits and herbs. All hand crafted on the farm.


As a young farmer I realized my farm needed to venture into value added products in order to ensure a viable and rewarding future. Simply growing produce would not secure that future. Please come and join me in the opening.





Just east of Keremeos

After a busy winter getting the Works set up, we are happy with the results.


Drop by to enjoy a sniff of our vinegars. When in season we will have our own produce available as well.